transitioning ownership of his professional services

The following endorsement is from a client who transitioned ownership of his professional services firm to a junior partner:

Planning for ownership transition of a small professional services firm is a tremendously challenging and uncertain process. Most often it involves a transfer of both equity and management control from a founding owner to a successor- typically a complicated legal and emotional process, given the intensely personal nature of longstanding client relationships.

We completed our transition plan under Jennifer’s wise guidance in 2015, are now on track for a complete transfer of ownership at the end of 2019, and the plan has worked flawlessly and to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Jennifer not only gave us expert advice and guidance but did so with a thoughtful understanding of the nature of our business, and especially of the many important challenges outside the legal and business boundaries of our practice.

private equity investor and company CEO

The following testimonial is from a private equity investor and company CEO who has been a client of Boyd & Associates for over ten years:

Jennifer Boyd is an outstanding individual and advisor that I have worked with for over ten years. Together we have worked on a number of private equity and operating company transactions. Jennifer brings three things to the table that, individually and even more so in combination, are of great value.

First is a detailed understanding of the relevant laws and regulations. Many attorneys know 95% of what she knows, but it’s the last 5% that makes 100% of the difference in difficult situations. Jennifer never fails to deliver that rare last 5%.

Second, she has an innate “business mentality” that is rare among attorneys. Many attorneys seem to think of “risk” as a list of anything negative that might happen. Jennifer looks at risk the way business people do, which is to say as a function of (A) the probability of a negative event occurring multiplied by (B) the damage IF the event occurs. As a result, she is able to help us effectively assess risk the way we need to.

Third, she is very efficient, not only in terms of working independently on items she might owe us, but also in terms of communicating complex issues clearly. In an industry that bills by the hour and is often the only group in the room without a clear monetary incentive to close, she is an incredible ally. Jennifer is extremely incisive and practical–she gets right to the heart of the issues, clarifies them and helps us make decisions rapidly.

steady flow of joint ventures

The following endorsement comes from the president of a company that invents, produces, develops and sells ingredients in the flavor and fragrance industry. Boyd & Associates serves as general counsel to the company, handling a steady flow of joint ventures, non disclosure agreements, licensing and distribution agreements and material transfer agreements, as well as succession planning matters and business transactions.

“Jennifer Boyd has represented Bedoukian Research for the past 20 years in areas such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, succession planning, transactions, and employment law.

Jennifer takes the time to understand our business and the relationships we have with our suppliers and customers, which greatly facilitates the negotiating process.  She helps us anticipate the potential consequences of agreement language, while understanding the urgency of deadlines and the needs of both parties.

Jennifer has the highest level of integrity, follows up consistently and efficiently, and is a pleasure to work with.  We highly recommend Jennifer Boyd for any business needs.”

review documents related to various investment opportunities.

The following endorsement was given by a retired executive who has engaged Ms. Boyd to review documents related to various investment opportunities.

“Pre-retirement, I took comfort in having a fully staffed legal department available full time to review and parse any business opportunity or situation that came across my desk.

Post-retirement, I came to the conclusion that independent, rigorous legal review of new investment opportunities was imperative. I candidly admit that the full meaning and nuance of legal documents is a challenge.  Furthermore, considering investments in new areas, other than energy, I felt a need for professional counsel. Thus, I decided to seek assistance.

Jennifer Boyd was recommended to me by a mutual friend and colleague.  She was described as a lawyer with extensive background in commercial matters who could be a reliable resource for all matters legal, commercial and administrative; we have been working together since 2014.

In retirement I have become involved in a number of new business investments (mostly non-energy), and I have engaged Jennifer to review legal documentation, locate and file necessary applications and register entities as required.

Jennifer has provided me with prompt, clear and objective advice/service on every opportunity.  She is quick, accurate and well informed and she is prepared to play the role of “devil’s advocate”; i.e. if she sees something that she does not like, she will tell me about it.

I am very satisfied with my arrangement with Jennifer and would recommend her to anyone who may need assistance in matters commercial, legal or administrative.”

wide variety of licensing

This endorsement comes from a client for whom Ms. Boyd has handled a wide variety of licensing, commercial development and partnership agreements.

“Jennifer Boyd has been my business attorney for many years. Besides being highly knowledgeable, with tremendous big firm and sole proprietor experience, she has a very effective way of resolving challenging issues based upon steady reason coupled with consideration and irrefutable persuasion. She is terrific at bringing parties together and concluding the agreement with minimal stress and positive results.”


Jennifer is a first-rate commercial lawyer.

This endorsement comes from a colleague in another firm who frequently refers business law matters to Boyd & Associates.

“Jennifer is a first-rate commercial lawyer. I have known and worked closely with Jennifer for many years, since we were both Associates at the predecessor firm to Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan. Early in her career she became the go-to lawyer for the corporate partners who accepted only the highest quality work.  Her thoroughness and ability to quickly appreciate all the ramifications of a single change in a complex set of documents set her apart. Jennifer now represents a number of successful businesses both large and small. Her skill has led her to become a lawyer’s lawyer to whom I frequently refer clients for partnership work and with whom I regularly consult.  She is also a lawyer with the highest ethical and professional standards. I recommend Jennifer without reservation.”

Mark R. Carta

This client’s case lasted for several years

This client’s case lasted for several years. It involved an acrimonious business separation between business partners. This is what he said when the case finally settled.

“Can’t thank you enough for all your help in dealing, advising and ultimately “winning “my case against [X]. You stuck with me from day 1…and I’m so appreciative you did.”