What types of businesses does your firm typically work with?

Boyd & Associates LLC represents privately owned businesses ranging in size from one to 1500 employees.  Typically, our clients require legal advice and assistance on an ongoing basis, but do not have general counsel on staff.

Does the firm ever handle other types of legal matters, such as real estate closing and court proceedings?

No, it does not.  However, Ms. Boyd has practiced law in the greater New York metropolitan area for many years, and she is pleased to refer you to the “best in class” among her many colleagues in the profession.

What are common mistakes that business owners make related to legal affairs?

  • Business owners often fail to invest the time and effort required to understand the terms of a contract, and they often skip the “boiler plate” all together.  A good lawyer can help with the contract review process, so that the business owners are able to make informed decisions.  You don’t want to find out the hard way that the boiler plate is important!
  • Business owners, especially owners of start- ups, are reluctant to invest in excellent governing documents, contracts and forms for the business. Engaging a lawyer early in a business’ life cycle is like buying insurance: The upfront investment helps avoid oversights and errors that can lead to disputes, which are costly and harmful to relationships.
  • Business owners try to save money by using forms they find on the Internet, but they pay much more later when it turns out that the forms were woefully deficient. Ask me about my war stories.
  • Clients sometimes think of a lawyer as merely a scribe and fail to appreciate that the lawyer’s depth and breadth of experience can be helpful in framing the terms of a transaction and the negotiating strategy.
  • Many people have the mistaken belief that oral agreements and non compete clauses are not enforceable.
  • Many people have the mistaken belief that they don’t need a “formal agreement” with a person whom they trust. Trust is important!  But a clear agreement is critical to ensure that all parties know exactly what they are agreeing to and that all likely issues have been addressed.

When does a business need a lawyer?

Sooner than you think, in many cases.  If you engage a lawyer early in the process of negotiating a transaction, you will reap the full benefit of the lawyer’s experience. You are an expert in your business, but chances are you are not a lawyer who focuses full time on the legal aspects of business filings, contracts and transactions.

Also, if you have already negotiated the final deal terms before you call a lawyer, you may have eliminated some good options and missed some worthwhile  opportunities.  In her years of practice, your lawyer probably has come across some terrific ideas and learned valuable lessons that could be applied to your deal… if it’s not too late.

Most firms, including Boyd & Associates, are willing to conduct a brief initial consultation on a complimentary basis.

How would your describe your firm’s approach?

Boyd & Associates goals are:

  • to offer effective and cost-effective legal services and advice;
  • to educate its clients to make informed decisions, while also providing appropriate guidance;
  • to help its clients achieve the stated objectives.

What type of legal services does your firm provide?

The firm’s main areas of practice include:

  • Business & Not-for-Profit Formation
  • Finance
  • Drafting and Analysis of Contracts – All Types
  • Purchases and Sales of Businesses
  • Business Separations
  • Succession Planning