New York Metropolitan Area Legal Services

Every business needs legal services. From the date you start your business until you are ready to hang up your hat, your business needs a lawyer to ensure that the business is properly formed, that is has clear, effective contracts with employees, service providers, customers, counter-parties and partners, and that there is a plan in place for your exit… hopefully to a well-funded and well-deserved retirement.

Legal rules and legal jargon are complex. As a business owner, you know your business, but you need a guide to help you navigate the perilous legal waters.

A good lawyer can bridge the gaps between your business knowledge and objectives, on the one hand, and the specific terms of the transaction or contract that you must negotiate, on the other. That is where Boyd & Associates comes in.

As a lawyer who has been practicing business law for close to thirty years, Jennifer Boyd has broad and deep experience. She has read, analyzed and drafted thousands of contracts and guided clients through hundreds of transactions.

Boyd & Associates applies a proven and effective approach to your business matters: it unlocks the mysteries of legal jargon and explains it to you clearly, reads every word so you don’t have to, and considers the “what ifs,” so that you can focus on the business terms.

And the outcome? You understand thoroughly the terms of the transaction, including the byzantine legal provisions, you are equipped to make informed decisions, and you have peace of mind, because you have detected and avoided potentially costly oversights and misunderstandings.