review documents related to various investment opportunities.

The following endorsement was given by a retired executive who has engaged Ms. Boyd to review documents related to various investment opportunities.

“Pre-retirement, I took comfort in having a fully staffed legal department available full time to review and parse any business opportunity or situation that came across my desk.

Post-retirement, I came to the conclusion that independent, rigorous legal review of new investment opportunities was imperative. I candidly admit that the full meaning and nuance of legal documents is a challenge.  Furthermore, considering investments in new areas, other than energy, I felt a need for professional counsel. Thus, I decided to seek assistance.

Jennifer Boyd was recommended to me by a mutual friend and colleague.  She was described as a lawyer with extensive background in commercial matters who could be a reliable resource for all matters legal, commercial and administrative; we have been working together since 2014.

In retirement I have become involved in a number of new business investments (mostly non-energy), and I have engaged Jennifer to review legal documentation, locate and file necessary applications and register entities as required.

Jennifer has provided me with prompt, clear and objective advice/service on every opportunity.  She is quick, accurate and well informed and she is prepared to play the role of “devil’s advocate”; i.e. if she sees something that she does not like, she will tell me about it.

I am very satisfied with my arrangement with Jennifer and would recommend her to anyone who may need assistance in matters commercial, legal or administrative.”