private equity investor and company CEO

The following testimonial is from a private equity investor and company CEO who has been a client of Boyd & Associates for over ten years:

Jennifer Boyd is an outstanding individual and advisor that I have worked with for over ten years. Together we have worked on a number of private equity and operating company transactions. Jennifer brings three things to the table that, individually and even more so in combination, are of great value.

First is a detailed understanding of the relevant laws and regulations. Many attorneys know 95% of what she knows, but it’s the last 5% that makes 100% of the difference in difficult situations. Jennifer never fails to deliver that rare last 5%.

Second, she has an innate “business mentality” that is rare among attorneys. Many attorneys seem to think of “risk” as a list of anything negative that might happen. Jennifer looks at risk the way business people do, which is to say as a function of (A) the probability of a negative event occurring multiplied by (B) the damage IF the event occurs. As a result, she is able to help us effectively assess risk the way we need to.

Third, she is very efficient, not only in terms of working independently on items she might owe us, but also in terms of communicating complex issues clearly. In an industry that bills by the hour and is often the only group in the room without a clear monetary incentive to close, she is an incredible ally. Jennifer is extremely incisive and practical–she gets right to the heart of the issues, clarifies them and helps us make decisions rapidly.